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About Kammoun Sukari Lawyers

Kammoun Sukari Lawyers is a trusted and talented team of experienced lawyers with a proven record of outstanding results and exceptional legal services.

With a strong focus on providing premium quality legal services at desirable rates, Kammoun Sukari Lawyers is the legal service provider of choice.

Kammoun Sukari Lawyers has a broad and specialised general practice with emphasis on Civil Litigation, Commercial and Corporate Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Criminal Law, Family Law, Defamation and Building and Construction Law.

With unbridled enthusiasm and unrivalled determination, clients are rest assured that with Kammoun Sukari Lawyers they are receiving the highest quality of legal services.

Kammoun Sukari Lawyers is readily available to attend to each of its clients’ legal needs at all times and ensures that its clients are provided with accurate and reliable advice and strong representation both in and out of court.

No matter the complexity, intricacy or size of the case, Kammoun Sukari Lawyers will deliver excellence.