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Criminal Law Sydney

If you are facing criminal law charges in the bustling city of Sydney, Australia, you need the best possible legal representation available. Look no further than Kammoun Sukari Sydney Criminal Lawyers, where our team of dedicated and experienced criminal defense lawyers are ready to fight for your rights and freedom. With a proven track record of success in defending clients across a wide range of criminal cases, you can trust us to navigate the complex legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Don’t hesitate – contact us now and let us help you get the justice you deserve.

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Highly Skilled and Experienced Criminal Law Specialists

Looking for a highly skilled and experienced criminal lawyer near you to handle your case with expertise and discretion? Look no further than Kammoun Sukari Sydney Lawyers who are here to provide you with the best possible defense and support every step of the way. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Bankstown Criminal Lawyers

Once you have been charged with a criminal offence, it is important that you obtain legal representation to understand your rights and how you can best defend the allegations made against you. Kammoun Sukari Sydney Lawyers are professional solicitors in Bankstown representing and protecting our clients in a range of criminal matters including, but not limited to:


  • Affray
  • Appeals
  • Apprehended domestic violence orders (ADVO)
  • Arrests
  • Assault (Common / ABH / GBH)
  • Bail applications
  • Break & Enter
  • Commonwealth offences
  • Corporations Act / ASIC / Corporate offences
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug offences
  • Duty
  • Firearms offences
  • Fraud
  • Importation
  • Indecent assault
  • Intimidation
  • Manslaughter
  • Manslaughter (Medical Negligence)
  • Personal violence orders (PVO)
  • Plea Bargaining
  • Sex related offences
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Tax fraud (ATO
  • Theft and robbery (Stealing / Larceny)
  • Variations to AVO conditions
  • Warrants

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